Our Publications

Impact Economy performs top-level research that helps to shape sectors and understand the magnitude and viability of new opportunities. We use strong conceptual capabilities and perspectives from diverse disciplines to achieve upstream innovation based on key insights in the worlds of investments, business, and philanthropy.

Impact Economy Primer on Business Transformation: Driving Innovation through Corporate Impact Venturing

To grasp the context and magnitude of the opportunity, the Primer analyzes the megatrends that are shaping sustainable value creation.

Impact Economy Primer on Industry Transformation: Creating Sustainable Apparel Value Chains

This Primer attempts to sort through the minefield of perspectives, expectations, and challenges that have only grown more complicated in recent months, and provide an evidence-based assessment of the prospect of sustainable value chains in the textile and garment industry.

Impact Economy Primer: Status of the Social Impact Investing Market

“Status of the Social Impact Investing Market: A Primer” was prepared for the UK Cabinet Office in order to to provide a shared framework and baseline for the participants of the inaugural 2013 G8 Social Impact Investment Forum to anchor their work on new market-building initiatives.

Impact Economy Working Paper 6 “Building Impact Businesses through Hybrid Financing: Special Impact Starter Edition”

The report shows how social enterprises can be funded efficiently, and in ways that are compatible with their underlying business models, by combining both grants and different forms of investment capital.

Impact Economy Working Paper 5 “Serving Client Demand for Impact Investing: A Hands-on Guide for Financial Advisors and Senior Management”

Represents a special collaboration between Impact Economy and the Money Management Institute (MMI)—the national forum for registered investment advisors and investors in the United States.

Impact Economy Working Paper 4 “Making Impact Investible”

Provides a framework of understanding of the term impact investing for financial investors, companies and policy makers—its forms of capital, institutional landscape, and the blockers as well as enablers of further market growth.

Impact Economy Working Paper 3 “CSR’s New Deal: A Blueprint for Your First Hundred Days in the World of Impact Economy”

Provides guidance for company decision makers who want to take advantage of new opportunities to innovate in emerging markets and sustainability megatrends, transitioning from classical CSR and sustainability thinking to marrying responsibility with profit. Key to this process of leveraging impact megatrends and sourcing innovations is impact venturing.

Impact Economy Working Paper 2 “Understanding the True Potential of Hybrid Financing for Social Entrepreneurs”

Unpacks for investors how to best fund social entrepreneurs through a variety of instruments as a function of the problems they are trying to solve and the stage they are in, and cuts through the confusion around funding social enterprises.

Impact Economy Working Paper 1 “Four Revolutions in Global Philanthropy”

For philanthropists and policy makers, the paper identifies and analyzes the four main fault lines that will influence the next few decades of global philanthropy, stemming from the market revolution currently under way in philanthropy.