Serving Client Demand for Impact Investing: A Hands-on Guide for Financial Advisors and Senior Management

Impact Economy Working Papers Vol. 5

Interest in impact investing—the practice of investing with the intention to generate measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return—has hit a fever pitch. Various factors are contributing to growing awareness, with the prospect of servicing latent client demand (i.e., future business growth) being chief among them. A number of financial institutions are utilizing parts of their institutional platforms as a result, but less observable has been a push towards aligning these programs with various organizational functions, including: advising, originating, trading, managing, and distributing capital. The fragmentation of practice is raising questions over how to approach these activities and optimally integrate them within a leading global financial institution. This Hands-On Guide explores how major financial advisors and institutions could go further and optimize both the impact and financial proposition of these kinds of investments by venturing to actually align them; making impact both commercially viable and socially transformative.

Overview of Findings


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